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Merry Christmas 2023!!

Thank you to everyone who has sent us a Christmas card in the post already, and don't worry if you didn't get round to it (we didn't either!).  Joni examined each card thoroughly, before trying to eat them!

We've decided to do a digital card this year instead, as we've got so many photos we'd love to share with you all (and a little progress update too).

It's been a special year with the arrival of Joni in March.  Our lives have changed so much already, it's been hard to get our heads around!


We've taken her to Center Parcs with family, a music festival in Portugal, we've visited our friends Tommy & Anna in Basel, Switzerland, and our other friends John and Fab in Geneva.  We're going to to finish off the year with a festive family trip to the Lake District with a cottage for all of us to enjoy Christmas together!

2023...what a year!!

We just want to say Merry Christmas to everyone and to give you a quick update on our progress as a family

Joni is progressing well! She's such a happy little girl, even when she had an ear infection recently.  She was tongue tied for the first 10 weeks, which stopped her putting on weight initially.  You wouldn't know that now, as she's got some lovely chunky baby legs on her!  She's starting to discover how much fun it is to eat too.  So far she's tried lots of veg and fruit, loves banana fritas in the morning along with porridge and greek yoghurt.  She also has a real thing for chestnuts!!

In the last couple of weeks she's started to crawl around, which has made us quickly realise how unsuitable most of our house is!  We've put rugs down where we can, and tried to move everything 'grabbable' out of reach for little hands.  

Overall, we're loving life and are currently going through the process of buying a new property over in Marple, which we hope to move into in February 2024.

Hope to see a lot more of everyone next year!  2023 has been all about getting used to being parents, but now we're coming out of our 'cave' we can't wait to be more sociable in our new home, with our new family.

Merry Christmas to everyone, here's to a joyous 2024!!!

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