Thanks to a ‘borrow board’ behind the scenes of The Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool, a Horse Puppet that should have been returned by ‘Molly’ 2 weeks before gave the band a new name.  A good job really as the previous suggestion of ‘The Suitcase 17’ was vetoed by Tommy’s missus who said it sounded like a front page headline for a murder in the 60’s.

The 5 piece band from Manchester, soon grew into a 6 piece, then a 7 piece as more instruments and sounds were added in recording their debut album.  ‘Sorry For The Inconvenience’ was recorded at Paul and Helen’s home studio in Manchester.  

Paul has been thrown in at the deep end with sound production, and with the help of some local engineers (and Andrzej’s bionic ears, which are both pitch and frequency perfect!!) he has produced the whole album himself.  This has allowed the band to retain a raw and uncoloured sound. All of the music was recorded live (with vocals afterwards) with all the band squeezed into the small room together with no headphones, no glass dividers, a large dog, and most importantly,  a real band sound.

The band have a hybrid indie sound like the more ambient side of The Black Keys or The Arctic Monkeys, mixed with country pedal steel guitar, violin, double bass, electronic synths and large vocal harmonies.


“Love that whole swampy Dr John/Alabama 3 groove thing” - Tom Robinson, Fresh on the net & BBC 6 music

“One of those line ups you wouldn’t have seen 10 years ago…..very organic…they’re great to listen to” - Mike Sweeney,  BBC Radio Manchester

“… a smooth and atmospheric indie-rock groove, with hints of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds” - Mystic Sons Blog

"Caught You Out’ is a spare and understated and considered indie tune with hints of Pulp and a dash of country. Low-key, reflective and delivered with a beguiling lightness of touch, its appeal is hard to ignore.” Whisperinandhollerin blog

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