The Horse Puppets
'S o c i a l l y  d i s t a n t' ltd edition mug competition
Q1. Which song did Ella (our dog) pick up a squeaky toy and make Helen laugh uncontrollably in Week 14?
Q5. How many keys does Helen’s Fender Rhodes have?
Q2. What did Helen put in her red wine to make it taste nicer?
Q6. What’s the missing lyric? ‘her head was not on straight, she ______ ____ _________, but much too late’
Q3. What is the name of Paul and Helen’s home studio (where they stream from on Friday night)
Q7. What is the name of the latest song written by the duo, which has been performed twice but never recorded?
Q4. What is the only track to appear on both ‘1, 2, Yes, Go!’ and “Sorry For The Inconvenience’?

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